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Apart from El Paso, Marfa is the town best known outside Far West Texas.Other towns in this vast area of high desert plains, mountains and /or river valleys include Alpine, Ruidosa, Candelaria, Fort Davis, Fort Stockton, Lajitas, Marathon, Redford, Pecos, Presidio, Sierra Blanca, Terlingua, Valentine, and Van Horn.

Herewith a page of links, to be frequently updated.

Marfa Basics
Frank Duncan's Historic Photographs of Marfa at the Marfa Public Library
Marfa Chronology
Marfa Lights Research
>>We Have Seen the Lights (podcast by C.M. Mayo)
Marfa, Texas Chamber of Commerce
>>Marfa Mondays is now a member!
>>Read the blog post, "Why I Joined"
Marfa, Texas on Wikipedia
Marfa Weather
Marfa Public Radio 93.5 FM
Texas State Historical Association: The Trans-Pecos

Marfa Specifics (under construction)
(This is a short list; see also the Marfa Chamber of Commerce above)
Judd Foundation

The Threshold: A Place of Prayer
A Benedictine retreat house

Recent Podcasts about Marfa
Marfa Mondays Podcasts
---> Charles Angell in the Big Bend; Mary Bones on the Lost Art Colony; Avram Dumitrescu, An Artist in Alpine; Cynthia McAlister: The Buzz on the Bees (and many more to come...)

Fifty Years of Movie Magic in Marfa, Texas
By John Bennett, NPR, July 15, 2011
Donald Judd Found Perfect Canvas in Texas Town
By Anne Goodwin Sides, NPR, January 31, 2009
A Shout Out from Marfa, Texas
Rachel Martin interviews Marfa residents Chip Love and David Williams, NPR, February 22, 2008

and more to come

Marfa Films


Starring James Dean, Rock Hudson, and Elizabeth Taylor Based on the novel by Edna Ferber.

Donald Judd's Marfa, Texas

A documentary by Chris Felver about the artist and critic Donald Judd.

Marfa Voices

The trailer for a film by Rainer Judd for the Judd Foundation
>>Interview with Rainer Judd about the film, Marfa Voices

Simple As That
A documentary film about Marfa Maid by Kari Branch, Russell Walker, and Ashley Cue, starring goat cheese makers Malinda Beeman and Allan McClane, owners of Marfa Maid.

Recent Videos about Marfa
Living the Vision: Rainer Judd on Donald Judd
An interview for Christies.com
There's No Place Like Here: Marfa, TX
An amusing quick tour for etsy.com
+Now Entering Marfa, Texas
A series shot and edited by Melina Kolb for News21 at the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, part of the Carnegie-Knight Initiative on the Future of Journalism Education
Part 1: Now Entering Marfa, Texas
Part 2: Thinkers and Beers
Part 3: Communal Social Scene
Part 4: Marfalafel
Part 5: High Desert Takeaways

+Food Shark Commercial
+Tom Rhodes Explores Marfa, Texas
+Cleaning the Judds
Very brief and unedited, but it's interesting to see the sculptures. The people moving around them provide a sense of scale.
+Where is Marfa?
My trailer trailer for this
the Marfa Mondayspodcast series.

Art in Marfa & Environs
Arber & Son Editions | Valerie Arber | Ayn Foundation | Baxter Gallery | Ballroom Marfa | Chinati Foundation | Dumitrescu Gallery | James H. Evans | Exhibitions 2 D | Fancy Ponyland | Field Work Marfa | Galleri Urbane | Martha Hughes Studio | Inde/Jacobs/ Marfa | Judd Foundation | Lannan Foundation Residency Program | Marfa Contemporary Art + Education | Marfa Studio of Arts | Allison V. Smith Photography | The Tiny Foundation | Wrong

Mary Baxter, Painting the Big Bend

My podcast with artist Mary Baxter recorded in her studio in Marfa, October 2012.

Mary Bones on the Lost Art Colony

My podcast interview with Mary Bones, curator of the exhibit "Lost Colony: Texas Regionalist Paintings" at Sul Ross State University's Museum of the Big Bend

Avram Dumitrescu, An Artist in Alpine
My podcast interview with artist and illustrator Avram Dumitrescu.

New York Times Magazine series: "Real Artists of Marfa" by Vincent Dilio and Chris Wallace

> January 9, 2012: Foundation for Jammable Resources: John Rayburn, Carlos Lujan, John C. and Anthony DeSimone
>January 16, 2012 Sam Schonzeit
>January 23, 2012: Ann Marie Nafziger
>January 30, 2012: Adam Bork
>February 6, 2012: Solid Waste: Jonathan Lujan, Dione Acosta, Erik Quintana, and Richard "Chachi" Covarrubias
>February 13, 2012: Cobra Rock Boot Company: Logan Caldbeck and Colt Miller
>February 22, 2012 Jennifer Lane
>March 5, 2012: David Hollander

National Public Radio: "Marfa, Texas: An Unlikely Art Oasis in a Desert Town" by Neda Ulaby

Area Authors
----> Many more links to come...
Lonn Taylor
Author of Texas, My Texas, among many other works, and columnist for the Big Bend Sentinel
Peter Behrens
Profiled in the New York Times:
>A Moth to Marfa's Flame by Penelope Green
>A Winter Home in the West Texas Desert

Mostly Marfa
David Beebe's Online Journal

Cowboy Poetry
Texas Cowboy Poetry Gathering

Many more links to come...
Washtub Jerry
& Environs
(For links to local businesses, be sure to visit the chamber of commerce websites)

Alpine, Texas Chamber of Commerce
Chihuahuan Desert Nature Center

Museum of the Big Bend
Sul Ross State University
Sul Ross State University's Center for Big Bend Studies
>Interview with archaeologist Richard Walter (Marfa Public Radio, Jan 11, 2010)
Sul Ross State University's Archives of the Big Bend

Big Bend National Park and Big Bend Ranch State Park
Big Bend National Park
Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive

A video that shows you the actual drive, speeded up
Driving through the Chisos
A video of the drive (lordkev99)
Charles Angell in the Big Bend
My podcast interview witn Charles Angell, owner of Angell Expeditions


Fort Davis and Davis Mountains
Fort Davis, Texas Chamber of Commerce
Texas State Historical Society: The Davis Mountains
Davis Mountains State Park
Davis Mountains Scenic Drive
A video that shows you the actual drive, speeded up (takemytrip.com)
McDonald Observatory

Fort Stockton
Historic Fort Stockton

Annie Riggs Memorial Museum

Marathon Chamber of Commerce
Marathon Webcam

West of the Pecos Museum
West of the Pecos Rodeo


Presidio and La Junta General Area (Ruidosa to Redford)
Fort Leaton State Historic Site
Excellent museum in a beautiful location
Adobe Alliance
Read all about political adobe and Simone Swan's Egyptian compound on Casa Piedra Rd. (P.S. Watch the movie The Mountain, about Egyptian architect Hassan Fathy and his visionary project New Gourna. And view more photos of Swan's house here.)
Presidio to Terlingua
A video that shows the actual drive along the River Road (by the Rio Grande) speeded up (takemytrip.com)
La Junta Heritage Center
Inspired by the vision of artist A. Kelly Pruitt, a nonprofit organization dedicated to conservation, agrculture, cultural preservation in La Junta.
Chinati Hotsprings
A unique desert oasis seven miles of unpaved road off the highway from the Rio Grande. Ruidosa.
>>Listen to the podcast: A Spell at Chinati Hot Springs. Elvis. The private art gallery. Lithium. And best of all: no email.

Circle Dug Ranch
Very informative website with many photos. Check out the Chihuahuan Desert Research Institute for birdwatching trips to this ranch.

Sierra Diablo
Circle Ranch
Another very informative website with many photos.



Links to be posted soon...
Trans-Pecos (General Area)
Get Acquainted with Big Bend History and Archaeology
(Center for Big Bend Studies, Sul Ross University, Alpine TX)

Rock Art Foundation (leads tours in the Lower Pecos)
Local Media
Alpine Avalanche
Alpine Daily Planet

Cenizo Journal
Big Bend Now (Big Bend Sentinel)
Marfa.org News & Views
Marfa Public Radio 93.5 FM

Local Bloggers

Alpine Daily Planet

Autoliterate (Peter Behrens)

Judy Morgan

Glenn Justice's Texas History Blog

Mostly Marfa: Greetings from Mary Lou

Texas Mountain Trail Daily Photos

Megan Wilde's The Wilde Life: Adventures in Gardening, Critter Care and Rural Living in West Texas

Favorite Book Shops
Cactus Book Shop
(A bit far east, in San Angelo)
Front Street Books
(Alpine and Marathon)
Fort Davis National Historical Site
Excellent bookstore with many titles on local history
Marfa Book Company
Wide ranging and eclectic
Bibliography (under construction)
Ragged Horde Reach Marfa
(about the Huerta Army), January 9, 1914

Recent Newspaper and Magazine Articles about Marfa & Environs and its Denizens

*Sterry Butcher, "Judd's Ranches: Sanctuaries for the Artist's Life and Work," Big Bend Sentinel, October 6, 2011

Cox, Jennifer, Cultural Desert: The Art Scene of Marfa, Texas, The Guardian, May 14, 2011

*Cureton, Emily Joe, Bootmaker Sets Up Shop in Marfa, Big Bend Now, May 12, 2011

*Dilio, Vincent and Chris Wallace, "The Real Artists of Marfa: Foundation for Jammable Resources New York Times Magazine, January 9, 2012

*Dilio, Vincent and Chris Wallace, "The Real Artists of Marfa: Sam Schonheit" New York Times Magazine, January 16, 2012 (first in a series, see individual links above under "Art and Artists in Marfa & Environs)

*Egan, Maura, Wanderlust: Marfa, Texas, New York Times Magazine, June 5, 2009

*Di Piero, W.S., "Marfa Moments," San Diego Reader, May 16, 2012

*Patoksi, Joe Nick, Far Out Far West Texas, The Texas Observer, December 16, 2005

*Rentería, Ramón, "Old Time Marfa Lives on in Memories," El Paso Times, May 18, 2012

-----"Metamorphosis in Marfa: Newcomers Offer Infusions of Arts, Enthusiasm," El Paso Times, May 13, 2012

*Rodewald, James, "Way Out West: Gardens of Marfa," Garden Design, December 29, 2010

*Suqi, Rima, "Asked and Answered: Flavin Judd" New York Times, May 5, 2001
An interview with the President of the Judd Foundation