Author of Metaphysical Odyssey into the Mexican Revolution, etc.

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What Happened to the Dog?
A story about a typewriter, actually, typed on a 1967 Hermes 3000 in Escapements: Typewritten Tales from Post-Digital Worlds, edited by Richard Polt, Frederic S. Durbin, and Andrew V. McFeaters (Loose Digs Press, 2019).
The Building of Quality
Kenyon Review, Summer 2004
A tornado deposits what may or may not be a temple in John and Jane Smith's backyard. The destinies of all concerned are most peculiar.

Includes Q & A

Winner of the Flannery O'Connor Award for Short Fiction

"Mayo's work is reminiscent of Flannery O'Connor's. And like that old master, Mayo is addictive and her collection has a unity that is very satisfying."


Excerpt from the novel The Museum on the Parque Juárez by C.M Mayo, in the collection edited by Araceli Ardón, Restituto Rodríguez, Surrealista.

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Darling of Rosedale
Potomac Review, Fall 2008 (first chapter of the novel, The Last Prince of the Mexican Empire, (Unbridled Books, 2009)

UFO, 1990
Gargoyle, Summer 2005

From the Torre Latino
Dinty W. Moore, ed., Sudden Stories: A Mammoth Anthology of Minuscule Fiction (Mammoth Books) 2003
Manta Ray
Richard Peabody, ed., Grace & Gravity: Fiction by Washington Women (Paycock Press, 2004). Originally published in Natural Bridge,Spring, 2002

Turnrow, Winter 2001
Redux, Fall 2012

What Happened to Thelma
Chelsea, Special issue on Vices, Summer 2001. Literal, Winter/Spring 2005
Close to San Miguel
Witness, Fall 1999 ("Love in America" issue) and Thema, Fall 1999 ("On the Road to the Villa" issue)
Read it online on Redux August 2015

Northwest Review, summer 1997 ("The Traveler's Shoes" issue)

The Jaguarundi
in Listening to the Voices: Stories from the Flannery O'Connor Award, edited by Charles East (University of Georgia Press, 1998). A story in Sky Over El Nido (U Georgia Press, 1995)
Chabela del Río...
Paris Review, Summer 1995. A story in Sky Over El Nido (U Georgia Press, 1995)

The Wedding
Southwest Review, Summer 1995. A story in Sky Over El Nido (U Georgia Press, 1995)

The Quarterly, No. 23, Fall 1992