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It was no exaggeration for historian Walter Prescott Webb to describe the Big Bend region as "an earthwreck in which a great section of country was shaken down, turned over, blown up, and set on fire." In short, there is ample evidence of millions of years of dramatic geological activity, with the craggiest of mountains to rocks of all kinds, from mammoth piles of boulders to pebbles. In this interview with Paul Graybeal, owner of Marfa's Moonlight Gemstones, learn about the beautiful agates, wondrous thundereggs, and more.

Watch the etsy.com video, "There's No Place Like Here: Marfa, Texas" in which Graybeal makes a brief but amusing appearance.

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"What got me into a rock shop is collecting agate as a hobby when I first moved out here in the '80s. Of course, I grew up in the Black Hills and that's real rich in minerals and of course, fossils in Badlands and all that sort of stuff, so at a very young age I'm sure I was exposed to looking at the ground and looking for treasures on the ground..."

...Paul Graybeal