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With the exception of The Last Prince of the Mexican Empire, which is published by Unbridled Books, my ebooks are all published under my own imprint, Dancing Chiva.
 The Last Prince of the Mexican Empire
A novel based on the true story. A Library Journal Best Book 2009 (Unbridled Books)
"a crucial period in Mexican history... an engaging story brimming with majestic ambition." Publisher's Weekly

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Metaphysical Odyssey into the Mexican Revolution
Francisco I. Madero and His Secret Book, Spiritist Manual
In a blend of personal essay and a rendition of deeply researched metaphysical and Mexican history that reads like a novel, award-winning writer and noted literary translator C.M. Mayo provides a rich introduction and the first English translation of Spiritist Manual, the secret book by Francisco I. Madero, leader of Mexico's 1910 Revolution and President of Mexico, 1911-1913.
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Miraculous Air
Journey of as Thousand Miles through Baja California,
the Other Mexico
One of the best books ever about Baja California. Highly recommended" Library Journal
Book Club? + En español
Longform Essay:
Dispatch from the Sister Republic or,
Papelito Habla
An essay about the Mexican literary landscape and the power of the book.

Now available in Kindle.
Longform Essay:
From Mexico to Miramar or,
Across the Lake of Oblivion
A nonfiction novela about a fairytale: a visit to the Emperor of Mexico's Castle in Italy
Winner, Washington Independent Writers Prize for Best Personal Essay
Podcasting for Writers & Other Creative Entrepreneurs

Based on award-winning writer and avid podcaster C.M. Mayo's one day workshop at the Writer's Center, this ebook provides an introduction and overview of podcasting for writers, from basic concepts to nuts-and-bolts tips.
My Recollections of Maximilian by Marie de la Fere,
Introduced by C.M. Mayo
An eyewitness memoir of Mexico's brief, sparkling but doomed Second Empire under Maximilian von Habsburg: A handwritten manuscript circa 1910, from the Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.
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Short Story:
The Building of Quality
A short story with Q & A
Originally published in Kenyon Review, Summer 2004. A tornado deposits what may or may not be a temple in John and Jane Smith's backyard. The destinies of all concerned are most peculiar.

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Los Visitantes: Una visita a Todos Santos, Baja California Sur
Traducción por Bertha Ruiz de la Concha del capítulo 2 de Miraculous Air, por C.M. Mayo
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