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For my writing workshop participants and anyone else interested in creative writing, that is, anyone who feels a little monster inside roaring to get out, welcome!

Creative writing can be playful, but it's also a craft and, like any craft, there are many fellow craftsmen, both living and dead, from whom we can learn. It's certainly easier to take a workshop from a live person, however, and I am one at the moment, so do check out my schedule.

While my writing workshops focus on practical aspects of the craft, I believe creative writing is an Orphic journey that expands consciousness, both for the writer and, ultimately, for the reader. For more about that, be sure to see my
reading list on the creative life and listen in to my podcasts of conversations with other writers.

Whether you take one of my workshops or not, I invite you to make use of my recommended reading lists, listen to my podcasts (writing tips, interviews, and more), and help yourself the on-line ebook, "Giant Golden Buddha" & 364 More 5 Minute Writing Exercises.

Have a question? Betcha I've already answered it, or someone else has, on my
Resources for Writers page.

Wondrous wishes to you.

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Praise for C.M. Mayo's "Techniques of Fiction" workshop at the Writers Center, Bethesda MD, 6/ 2009:

"I found this workshop extremely helpful to kickstart my writing. It gave me useful tools and exercises to use in a very short space of time."

"Great workshop. Loved the exercises, toolkit approach and focus on technique and structure. Open to questions. Came prepared with many resources. Very accessible, matter-of-fact approach to writing. Ms. Mayo takes the mystery out of writing and makes it real."

Praise for C.M. Mayo's "Dialogue Intensive" workshop at the Writers Center, Bethesda MD, 9/ 2009:

"C.M. Mayo is a fabulous, informative, empathetic, skilled, talented (highly talented) writer and workshop leader"

"Great workshop. Wanted more!"

"Great instructor. Excellent tips re: dialogue and writing in general. Very helpful."

"She has a delightful spirit and offers warm encouragement."

Praise for C.M. Mayo's "Techniques of Fiction" workshop in San Miguel de Allende, 2/ 2009:

"This workshop was jam-packed with practical techniques! I feel I suddenly have the inside secrets that distinguish extraordinary writing— and even I can do them! Imagine. Great writing can be learned.
Susan Page

Wonderful nuts and bolts workshop. Writers of all levels should not miss it!
—Sterling Bennett

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