Miraculous Air: Journey of a Thousand Miles
through Baja California, the Other Mexico
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"With elegant prose and an artist's eye for detail, Mayo may just have written one of the best books ever about Baja California. Highly recommended"
Library Journal

"Ay, if only I had been at C.M. Mayo's side in her rendezvous through Baja California... My recourse is her joyful, intellectually sparkling chronicle"
Ilan Stavans,
author of The Hispanic Condition

"Perhaps the best new book about Mexico (and — indirectly — its northern neighbor) in many years.... This book has our highest recommendation. It is a joy."
Interamerican Studies Institute

"A breathtaking vision of the past, present, and future of [Baja California]... Meticulously researched... a valuable combination of historical and social study"
El Paso Times

"A luminous exploration of Baja California, from its southern tip at Cabo San Lucas to its 'lost city' of Tijuana... [Mayo] takes the fiction writer's impulse and blends it with the instincts of a journalist to create a work of nonfiction that elides into modern myth"
Los Angeles Times Book Review

"This is the one book that truly deserves the "highly recommended" label for us Mexicophiles."
The Mexico File

"Miraculous Air is rich with its own evocative descriptions of the peninsula's raw beauty.. Her journey of 1,000 miles is a trip worth taking."
The San Diego Union-Tribune

"A beguiling picture of an exasperating place 'where nothing is as it seems,' a place both 'touched with evil' and blessed with beauty and hope... a stunning portrait of Baja California"
Sara Mansfield Taber, author of Dusk on the Campo

"C.M. Mayo uses a reporter's instincts, an artist's eye, and a deft literary touch to create visions of Baja California to delight those who know it best and offers a knowing introduction to others who resort to the pleasures of these pages. A sensitive and knowing over-view of a place and a people so near and yet so far from the U.S. or Mexico."
Harry W. Crosby, author of Antigua California

"[Miraculous Air] is one of the best travel books I have ever read, a cross between John Graves’s Goodbye to a River and Patrick Leigh Fermor’s two accounts of his walk across Europe in 1934, A Time of Gifts and Between the Woods and the Water. Like Graves, she has a sensitivity to the landscape, especially the bleak landscape of the desert; like Fermor, she has an appreciation for quirky behavior and personal stories that border on fantasy. As a North American with a Mexican husband, she also has a sense of how the two cultures can clash."
Lonn Taylor, Big Bend Sentinel

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