Archive of Guest-blog Posts

The guest-blogs have been discontinued. On occasion, I post Q & As with fellow writers, and on very rare occasions (about once a year) I podcast a conversation.

Q & As on "Madam Mayo" blog
Conversations with Other Writers podcast

Diana Anhalt on 5 Favorite Books That Inspire Poetry


Historical Novelist
Claudia H. Long

5 Secrets About the Crypto-Jews of Mexico

Short Story Maestro
Clifford Garstang

5 Favorite Novels About a Dangerous World

Nature writer and memoirist
Gin Getz

5 Best Ways to Slow Down

Heidi M. Thomas

5 Things to Know About Old-Time Rodeo Cowgirls

Writer and Expat
John Scherber

5 Mexican Expat Meccas 


Literary Translator
Lisa Carter

5 Tastes of Spain for Armchair Travelers

Children's Author
Mary Lynn Patton

5 Links on Mexico and E-Publishing

Novelist and historic house museum director
Victoria Wilcox

5 Sites for Scarlett Fans

Amy Kwei

5 Recently Read and Recommended Books on China

Joanna Hershon
5 Links from A Dual Inheritance that Traverse the Globe

C. Marina Marchese

5 Surprising Facts about Honeybees, Pollination, and Your Food


Ghosthunter and writer
John B. Kachuba

5 Literary Ghosts

Writer and Survivor
Joan Young
5 Inexpensive and Unexpected Tips for Healthy Living

Ellen Cassedy

5 Links to Learn Yiddish

Peter Behrens

4 Canadian and 1 Irish Writers You Must Read

Literary Translator
Harry Morales

Celebrates Gregory Rabassa's 90th Birthday

New World heirlooms expert
Steve Sando

5 Beans You're Not Eating


Historical novelist
Andrew I. Dayton

5 Books to Get Your Head Inside Iran

Artist and travel writer
Jim Johnston
5 Things to See with Your Feet Up in Mexico City's
Centro Histórico

Historical novelist
Claudia H. Long

5 Delicious Links on the Food of Baroque Mexico

Midwife & memoirist
Patricia Harman

5 Sites to Help You Go Green

Gerry Hadden

5 Great Places to Visit that You'd Probably Never Find

Mare Cromwell

5 Telephone Numbers That Have Emblazoned
Themselves Across Our Cultural Consciousness

App designer
Julia Sussner

5 Fabulous Apps to Experience for Yourself

Eva Schweitzer

5 Links to Learn More about the Berlin Wall

Sam Quinones

5 Books of True Tales

Eric D. Goodman

5 Train Stories Worth Riding

Susan Coll
5 Favorite Comic Novels

Poet and translator
Richard Jeffrey Newman

5 Sites to Learn More About the Shahnameh

Daniel A. Olivas
5 Books for the Writing of The Book of Want

Writer & blogtour producer
Diane Saarinen

5 Sassy and Well-Branded Book Blogs

Teresa Nichols

5 Links About Buryin' Daddy

Essayist & playwright
Margaret Dulaney

5 Reasons to Trust the Muse

Novelist & historian
Michael Hogan
On the Irish Soldiers of Mexico

Roberta Rich
5 + 1 Books to Inform a 16th Century Historical Thriller

Ellen Meeropol

5 Political Novels to Change the World

Richard Goodman

5 Favorite and Unexpected Literary Writers
in New York City.


Janice Eidus

5 Vampire Links to Sink Your Teeth Into

Kyle Semmel

5 Quick Links "Out of Denmark"

Kim Roberts

5 Top Spoken Word Venues in Washington DC

Richard Goodman

5 Wondrous Works of New York Art

Agustín Cadena

5 Questions apropos of his new book,
Las tentaciones de la dicha

Literary Translator
Harry Morales

Flowers for Mario Benedetti

Poet and creativity expert
Karen Benke

5 Writers on What it Takes to be a Creative Writer

Deborah Batterman

5 Links on the New Digital Imperative

Writer and Writing Coach
Eva Hunter

5 Ways to Avoid Writing

Alexandra van de Kamp

5+ Inspiring World Museums

Writer and artist
Marjorie Price

5 Inspiring Women Artists

Writer and editor
Jennifer Silva Redmond

5 Favorite Short Story Collections from the Last 5 Years

Katie Pickard Fawcett

5 Favorite Books of Appalachia

Organizer and writer
Regina Leeds

5+ Resources to Make a Writer Happy in an Organized Space

Joanna Smith Rakoff

5 Favorite Books of New York Stories

Travel writer and translator
Jane Onstott

5 Mexican Idioms That Don't Mean What You Might Think


Christina Baker Kline

5 Quotations that Influenced the Writing of a Novel

Mystery writer
Austin S. Camacho

5 Sites to Find Russia in Washington DC

Fiction writer
Dylan Landis
5 Magnetic Spaces

Poet and writer J.D. Smith

Top 5 Mariachi Links

Writer and PEN activist
Lucina Kathmann

5 Links for A Forest of Mathematics

Spanish and Ladino translator
Trudy Balch

5 Things Gaby Brimmer Loved, or Would Have

Editing Aficionado
Nate Martin

Stop Smiling's Top 5 Author Interviews

Philosophy Professor
Thomas C. Hilde

5 Recommendations for Further Reading on Torture



Historical novelist
Diane Ascroft

5 Novels Featuring Children in WW II

Poet and editor
Francisco Aragon

5 Noteworthy New Titles in Latino Poetry

Porter Shreve

5 Novels of the '70s

Guitarrist and Spanish translator
Russell M. Cluff

Remembering Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz

Artist and culinary expert
Nicholas Gilman
Top 5 Funky Foods and Where to Find Them in Mexico City

Tim Wendel

Red Rain and Other Secrets and Riddles

Anna Leahy and Librarian Doug Dechow

Top 5 Aviation Museums

Sergio Troncoso

5 Things Every Writer Should Know About Money

Poet and literary translator
Zack Rogow

5 Links re: The Cover of The Number Before Infinity

Travel writer
Stephanie Elizondo Griest

5 Glimpses into the Mexican Underworld

Poet and Literary Translator
Moira Egan

5 Fun Things to Do Next Time You're in Italy

Poet, Editor, and Blogger
Deborah Ager

5 Fantastic Freebies for Writers

Journalist and Rock-and-Roll Mama
Lindsay Reed Maines

Top 5 Literary Agent Blogs

Solveig Eggerz

5 Works of Historical Fiction

Travel writer and essayist
Richard Goodman

5 Favorite Books on Soul

Travel writer and power walker
L. Peat O'Neil
5+ Links on Walking

Chef, memoirist and novelist
Nani Power

5 Interesting Facts About the Monarch Butterfly

Sandra Beasley

5 Poets Turned Prose Writers

Sociology professor
Clara Rodriguez

5 Latino Stars of Early Hollywood

Writer and Mexico City aficionad
David Lida

5 Secrets of Mexico City

Visionary librarian
Jane Kinney Meyers

5 Links About Lubuto

Novelist, anthologist and blogger
Daniel Olivas

5 Influential Writers in "Latinos is Lotusland"

Baja buff and business writer
Greg Niemann

5 Favorite Websites

Gayle Brandeis

5 Works of Fiction that Explore the Senses in Fresh Strange Ways

Writer and editor
Jennifer Silva Redmond

5 Favorite Baja California Writers's Websites

Historical novelist
Sandra Gulland

Top 5 Research Sites for Historical Novelists

Mexico historian
Tasha Tenenbaum

"Kahlo de Rivero" & the Long List of World-Class Mexican Artists

Novelist and blogger
Leslie Pietrzyk

3 Dos and 3 Don'ts for Writers's Blogs

Writer, editor, translator, graphic designer
Tom Christensen

3 Dos and 3 Don't for Writers's Blogs

Poet and playwright
Grace Cavalieri

5 Favorite Venturesome and Vivid Movers of the Earth

Paula Whyman

5+ Sites on Baking for Writers---and Other Breadheads

King of the Baja Buffs, adventure travel writer
Graham Mackintosh

5 Favorite Websites

Novelist and blogger
Leslie Pietrzyk

5 Favorite Guest-Blog Posts on Work in Progress

Travel writer and Mexico expert
Isabella Tree

5 Favorite Books About Mexico

Steven Hart

5 Sites at the Crossroads of History, Industry, Commerce and Art

Writer, musician, composer, philosopher
David Rothenberg

5 Whale Music Links

Cathleen Calbert

The 5 Members of the Providence Area Writers Group

Eric B. Martin

5 Links On the Next Roberto Bolaño: Guillermo Fadanelli

Travel writer and essayist
Richard Goodman
5 Favorite "Collected Letters of..."

Medievalist and author
Jeff Sypeck

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