The Last Prince of the Mexican Empire
A novel based on the true story

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~ circa 1865 ~
(the opening chapters of the novel)
living individuals in rose

Agustín de Iturbide
(The Liberator)
b. 1783 Valladolid (today Morelia, Michoacán), Mexico
Emperor of Mexico, 1822-1823. After abdicating, exiled to Italy; on return to Mexico, executed by firing squad
d. 1824, Padilla, Mexico

married 1805 in Valledolid, Mexico

Ana María Huarte
married at age 19;
Empress of Mexico 1822-1823
after her husband's death, lived in Washington DC and Philadelphia
d. 1861, Philadelphia


Agustín Gerónimo
b. 1807, Mexico
a diplomat; never married

b. 1809, Mexico;
a nun in Philadelphia

b. 1811, Mexico
d. 1828, Washington DC

 Josefa (Pepa; Princess Iturbide)
b. 1814, Irapuato, Guanajuato, Mexico
never married

 Angel (Angelo)
b. 1816, Querétaro, Mexico
a diplomat; many years in Washington DC

m. 1855
Rosedale, DC
Alice Green

 María de Jesús
b. ? Mexico
never married
d. 1849, Philadelphia

b. 1820, Mexico
d. 1856, Nayarit, Mexico

m. 1848
Rosario Marzán
d. 1859

 María de Dolores
b. 1819, Mexico
d. 1820, Mexico City

b. 1822, Mexico City
d. 1853, Matamoros, Mexico

 Agustín Cosme
b. 1824 New Orleans
(shortly after his father's death)
never married





b. April 2, 1863, Mexico City

(for Agustín's family tree circa 1865, click here)

b. 1849


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